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The Key of Solomon the King (Clavis Salomonis)

Book I - Chapter XVIII

Book I

Chapter I - Concerning the Divine Love which ought to precede the acquisition of this knowledge
Chapter II - Of the days and hours and the virtues of the planets
Chapter III - Concerning the arts
Chapter IV - The confession to be made by the exorcist
Chapter V - Prayers and conjurations
Chapter VI - Stronger and more potent conjuration
Chapter VII - An extremely powerful conjuration
Chapter VIII - Concerning the medals or pentacles, and the manner of constructing them
Chapter IX - Of the Experiment concerning things stolen, and how it should be performed
Chapter X - Of the experiment of invisibility, and how it should be performed
Chapter XI - To hinder a sportsman from killing any game
Chapter XII - How to make the magic garters
Chapter XIII - How to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating the intelligences, so as to obtain an answer regarding whatsoever matter one may wish to learn
Chapter XIV - How to render thyself master of a treasure possessed by the spirits
Chapter XV - Of the experiment of seeking favor and love
Chapter XVI - How operations of mockery, invisibility, and deceit should be prepared
Chapter XVII - How extraordinary experiments and operations should be prepared
Chapter XVIII - Concerning the pentacles or medals
The Pentacles
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Book II
Chapter I - At what hour after the preparation of all things necessary, we should bring the exercise of the art to perfection
Chapter II - In what manner the master of the art should keep, rule, and govern himself
Chapter III - How the companions of the master of the art ought to regulate and govern themselves
Chapter IV - concerning the fasting, care, and things to be observed
Chapter V - Concerning the baths, and how they are to be arranged
Chapter VI - Of the garments and shoes of the art
Chapter VII - Of places we may conveniently execute the experiments and operations of the art
Chapter VIII - Of the knife, sword, sickle, poniard, dagger, lance, wand, staff, and other instruments of magical art
Chapter IX - Of the formation of the circle
Chapter X - Concerning incense, suffumigations, perfumes, odors, and similar things which are used in magical arts
Chapter XI - Of the water, and of the hyssop
Chapter XII - Of the light, and of the fire
Chapter XIII - Concerning the precepts of the art
Chapter XIV - Of the pen, ink, and colors
Chapter XV - Of the pen of the swallow and of the crow
Chapter XVI - Of the blood of the bat, pigeon, and other animals
Chapter XVII - Of virgin parchment, or virgin paper, and how it should be prepared
Chapter XVIII - Of wax and virgin earth
Chapter XIX - Concerning the needle and other iron instruments
Chapter XX - Concerning the silken cloth
Chapter XXI - Concerning characters, and the consecration of the magical book
Chapter XXII - Concerning sacrifices to the spirits, and how they should be made

THE Medals or Pentacles, which we make for the purpose of striking terror into the Spirits and reducing them to obedience, have besides this wonderful and excellent virtue. lf thou invokest the Spirits by virtue of these Pentacles, they will obey thee without repugnance, and having considered them they will be struck with astonishment, and will fear them, and thou shalt see them so surprised by fear and terror, that none of them will be sufficiently bold to wish to oppose thy will. They are also of great virtue and efficacy against all perils of Earth, of Air, of Water, and of Fire, against poison which hath been drunk, against all kinds of infirmities and necessities, against binding, sortilege, and sorcery, against all terror and fear, and wheresoever thou shalt find thyself, if armed with them, thou shalt be in safety- all the days of thy life.

Through them do we acquire grace and good-will from man and woman, fire is extinguished, water is stayed, and all Creatures fear at the sight of the Names which are therein, and obey through that fear.

These Pentacles are usually made of the metal the most suitable to the nature of the Planet; and then there is no occasion to observe the rule of particular colours. They should be engraved with the Instrument of Art in the days and hours proper to the Planet.

Saturn ruleth over Lead; Jupiter over Tin; Mars over Iron; the Sun over Gold; Venus over Copper; Mercury over the mixture of Metals; and the Moon over Silver.

They may also be made with exorcised virgin paper, writing thereon with the colours adopted for each Planet, referring to the rules already laid down in the proper Chapters, and according to the Planet with which the Pentacle is in sympathy.

Wherefore unto Saturn the colour of Black is appropriated ; Jupiter ruleth over Celestial Blue; Mars over Red; the Sun over Gold, or the colour of Yellow or Citron; Venus over Green; Mercury over Mixed Colours ; the Moon over Silver, or the colour of Argentine Earth.

The Matter of which the Pentacle is constructed should be Virgin, never having been used for any other purpose; or if it be metal it should be purified by fire.

As regards the size of the Pentacles it is arbitrary, so long as they are made according to the rules, and with the requisite solemnities, as hath been ordained.

The virtues of the Holy Pentacles are no less advantageous unto thee than the knowledge of the secrets which l have already given unto thee; and thou shouldest take particular care if thou makest them upon virgin parchment to use the proper colours; and if thou engravest them upon metal, to do so in the manner taught thee; and so shalt thou have the satisfaction of seeing them produce the promised effect. But seeing that this Science is not a Science of argument and open reasoning, but that, on the contrary, it is entirely mysterious and occult, we should not argue and deliberate over these matters, and it is sufficient to believe firmly to enable us to bring into Operation that' which hath already been taught.

When thou shalt construct these Pentacles and Characters, it is necessary never to forget the Incense, nor to employ anything beyond that of which mention is made.

It is necessary, above all things, to be attentive to the Operation, and never to forget or omit those things which contribute to the success which the Pentacles and Experiments promise, having ever in thy mind no other Intention than the Glory of God, the accomplishment of thy desires, and loving-kindness towards thy neighbour.

Furthermore, my beloved Son, I order thee not to bury this Science, but to make thy friends partakers in the same, subject however to the strict command never to profane the things which are Divine, for if thou doest this, far from rendering thee a friend of the Spirits, it will but be the means of bringing thee unto destruction.

But never must thou lavish these things among the Ignorant, for that would be as blameable as to cast precious gems before swine; on the contrary, from one Sage the secret knowledge should pass unto another Sage, for in this manner shall the Treasure of Treasures never descend into oblivion.

Adore and revere the Most Holy Names of God which are found in these Pentacles and Characters, for without this never shalt thou be able to come to the end of any- enterprise, nor to accomplish the Mystery of Mysteries.

Above all things, remember that to perform any- of these operations thou must be pure in body and in mind, and without blemish, and omit not any of the preparations.

This Key, full of Mysteries, hath been revealed unto me by an Angel. Accursed be he who undertaketh our Art without having the qualities requisite to thoroughly understand our Key, accursed be he who invoketh the Name of God in vain, for such an one prepareth for himself the punishments which await the unbelievers, for God shall abandon them and relegate them unto the depths of Hell amongst the impure Spirits.

For God is great and Immutable, He hath been for ever, and He shall remain even unto the end of the Ages.


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